T-Shirt Bangles

After quite a long absence from my writing, 1,000 new miles on my car, and a few generous handfuls of my checking account, I am missing in action no more. A word of advice: if you decide to move 500 miles away on a whim and a pathetic amount of life savings, don’t expect it to be easy. In fact, expect it to be one of the most challenging experiences of your young life. Expect people on very high horses to come out of the woodwork and start kicking you in the shins as they explain to you how stupid they think you are for having different life choices than them. However, when you successfully find a job and a place to live and you find yourself doing everything in your power not to scream “I TOLD YOU SO,” expect to feel very much empowered.

That being said, I am now looking at just six more days here in Oakland before I pack my worldly possessions into an overpriced U-Haul trailer and relocate my life to Raleigh, North Carolina. In an effort to avoid the packing tape, the hungry cardboard boxes, and the deafening echoes of my apartment as it empties, I believe it is necessary to write up a tutorial on these cute little re-vamped bangles I found here.

You will need:

1. Bangle bracelets. I found mine in a pack of four at Rue21 on clearance. The two thinner ones I kept uncovered because I didn’t find them as offensive as the plastic silver and zebra striped atrocities.

2. T-shirts! I used a light teal shirt that needed retiring from my closet and an extra extra large red tube top from Rue21 that was on clearance.

3. Fabric scissors

4. Tacky glue

Here’s another shot of my materials…………and here is a shot of the Cathedral out my window.

What to do:

1. Start by laying your shirt out flat and cutting long strips in a zig zag pattern to eliminate the need to sew or tie any pieces together.

2. When you have a long strip cut, make a loose knot around the bangle to keep the fabric in place while you wrap it. Make sure you leave a tail to tie to the other end when you’ve made a complete circle.


3. Start wrapping! The cut fabric strip should naturally fold up, which leaves you a nice clean edge if you wrap in the same direction as the curl (like I’m doing in the picture on the right).


4. You’re going to come across some seams here and there and you might have to backtrack a little and re-wrap a section tighter or more loose (yes, looser IS a word, ladies and gentlemen, but I feel like a hillbilly when I say it so ‘more loose’ it is) so that the seam ends up on the inside of the bangle. Then you can easily cover it up as seen above.

5. Keeeeeeeep wrapping.

6. When you get to the end, trim off any wild excess fabric so you have two matching tails to tie together.

7. Put a little dot of glue on the fabric and tie your first knot on top.

8. Add another spot of glue on top of the first knot and tie another one on top of that.

9. Trim the tails some more and put a little glue under each of them to make them stay in place.


That’s it! Bangle number one is complete!

On to number two…

Bye, zebra, byyyeeeee.

There they are!

I think they go well with the metal ones. It gives the fabric bangles a bit of an edge when you wear them together.

Here you can see Daisy Duke wearing them…..

….and here I am wearing some of them at Hofbräuhaus.

There you have it. A little picture heavy (sorry I’m NOT), but now you can see how great they look at all times of the day, in various settings, and in different combinations. Go! Make some!


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